Omamba pays price for biting Obado’s hands, Boaz replaces him as Deputy Speaker

North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba being led from the assembly by orderlies

By MN Reporter

North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba has paid the ultimate price of going against governor Okoth Obado after he was stripped of his Deputy Speaker post.

Omamba, who has been Obado’s ally and MCA, fell out with him and has been cosying up to the governor’s nemesis Ochillo Ayacko.

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on January 20, Omamba was replaced by Bukira East MCA Mathews Chacha as the deputy speaker bringing to an end debate of who hold the seat after he moved to court to stop his impeachment.

Omamba had to be whisked away from the assembly after he protested the move in a special sitting, which was created abruptly with a guise of vetting Migori county public service board members.

His removal has been seen as a means by speaker Boaz Okoth to stamp his authority after Majority Leader Roland Asiga resigned, staging through an impeachment wave.

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Asiga is now replaced by South Sakwa MCA Edward Ken where Ayacko hails, which is seen as a move to prepare the ground for 2022 governor elections.

Boaz and Ayacko will be in the ballot to replace Obado in next general elections.

Kachieng’ MCA Brian Osodo is the new member of speakers channel.