Boaz scores in looming speaker impeachment as several MCAs jump to his side

Boaz Okoth, the man under the radar

By MN Reporter

Migori speaker Boaz Okoth has got some political respite after several MCAs threw their weight behind him in looming impeachment.

Led by Ntimaru East MCA Agustine Mwise, he said as a members of speakers’ panel the looming impeachment of Boaz was shallow as another faction is out collecting signatures to ouster him.

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“We just wanted to come out and clarifier specific issue and allegation that has been happening and going round that members of Migori assembly have tried to work head to ensure that the speaker is not in the office which is not true,” said Mwise.

Boaz’s impeachment has been gaining traction after Majority Leader Rolland Asiga resigned, a move seen as throwing cold water into Boaz’s leadership.

Asiga, in his resignation where he was flanked by several MCAs accused Boaz of mismanaging the assembly board.

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But Minority leader and Tagare MCA Nicholas Rioba laughed off impeachment drive insisting that Boaz was “fully in charge of the board and he is the board chairperson and he is serving as the speaker of the assembly.”

“For those who are peddling ramous that they have collected signature to impeach Boaz, let them know we already have 40 members in Boaz’s corner,” Rioba said.

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Migori nominated MCA Caroline Okere said if any member is planning to impeach the speaker he or she should bring it in the assembly after coming from the recess.

Kanyamkago East MCA Bon Oremo said those planning impeachment move should focus on development.