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  1. nice website for our county,mine is to request if you would please direct me on how i can get to the minister for youth affairs by helping me wth the contact details

  2. Hi Admin
    My name is Jacob Onim
    I need a business space(room in Migori town) to settle Resource Center to offer Cyber Cafe’ Services,Training in Computer packages,Tailoring Services.
    I also grow tree seedlings for sale (blue gum,cypress,pine,gravella) and advice clients/customer on the same.
    Just need normal business place located in the migori -Isebania Highway or Main road or main street.
    The business room must have electricity.
    Kindly advertise for me and let me know the way forward.Incase of anything please contact me on 0705 291 585/

  3. Martin Otieno

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I hereby informing to you that Kenya Youth Volunteers is a registered organization. it is due dealing with fumigations, we have seen your people were suffering by jiggers. please we know how to handle the problem and we are ready to come there soon from Kisumu to help people out of the problem.

    Please, could you allow us to partner with other organization to run out this project.
    Thanks in advance,
    Martin Otieno,
    Project Leader

  4. Please highlight areas of business opportunities for locals in Mig county.



    Rev Elaine Waterfield ( Nya Suna missionary in Suna Migori)

    7 Tree Hamlets


    Poole, Dorset

    BH16 5SA


    Dear Editor,

    I have been finding it very hard to come to terms that my friend Kevin John Bowers a white British Citizen died in Kodiaga Prison kisumu Kenya 30th November . Kodiaga prison is a high security prison for people who have committed murder, rape and that kind of crime, but my friend was arrested because he hadn’t a passport as it was stolen whilst being arrested two years previously where he sent to Migori Prison and ended up on remanded for a year and a half and later the case was dropped for lack of evidence.

    It was here that I met my friend as I was a missionary in Chungni a rural village outside of Migori and part of my calling was prison visiting. The Chaplain a good friend of mine told me about a white man on remand and would I go and visit him,.Kevin looked very thin and he had been suffering with amoeba, he also had a skin disease and looked gaunt not surprising as in this prison there was lice, bed bugs and men, women and children with TB and on the remand wing there was 300 men plus in one room with one toilet.

    After our first meeting we sent each other letters as we were both the only whites we had seen for some years and we could talk about the 60’s 70’s music and tv programs like Dr Who, not the none O’clock news and all sort. A Doctor from Migori District hospital also came to his rescue by providing him with nutritious food and supplements and this gave him reason to live as he knew people cared.

    late 2014 he was released and his health picked up but early march 2015 he was re arrested for having no passport and sent to kodiaga and the conditions there were worse than this in Migori. I was back in the Uk and the Dr went to see him in Kodiaga in September when he described our friend Kevin as very sick anaemic and coughing badly. Then we had the terrible news of his death two days before he was due in court..

    Previous to this I had been telling the consulate of his illness and also the foreign office but all you get is red tape had they have listened my friend would have lived.

    But it does make you wonder why a British Citizen was on remand for a year and a half in one prison and then eight months in a high security prison for hard core criminals when all the problem was a passport. It also causes me to worry about British subjects in Kenya as there was also a lot of Corruption taking place too.

    Had I not have been contacted by the Dr In Migori hospital of our friends death I just think he would have been forgotten so this is why I am writing this to warn people about what can happen whilst abroad helping others.

    God Bless Rev Elaine Waterfield ( Nya suna missionary in Chungni Migori )

    • Dear Rev Waterfield

      I am kind of firing this out into the dark. My name is Steve Ambrose and I am married to my wife Mamawa and we run a small bar in Liberia West Africa.

      Last night a girl came to see my wife to ask for her help. We can only presume someone had told her she was married to an Englishman and maybe we could help.

      She was very distraught saying she had a child by one English guy who was living in Kenya but she heard that he had died. She was hoping to contact his family, I presume to get more information and about the child. The guys name was Kevin Bowers. She gave a print out of his linked in profile and another of his Tweets with his picture on it.

      I pretty much told my wife I did not want to get so involved but I did a few google scans and saw your post above and wondered if this was the same guy you met. Maybe you can help in small way just by confirming this is the same man.

      I am not sure that I can do much more and I am very cautious. Maybe the man she is referring to doesn’t want to be found, maybe he didn’t want anything to do with the child and mother, who knows? However it could be that should she be able to pull some threads and find out if the father has family THEY themselves may be comforted by knowing they had a child. Who knows.

      So this is why I am firing this off into the net. I feel it is right but as I say I would normally say its not my business but…..

      My contact is as below.

      Kind Regards
      Steve Ambrose

  6. Wicklife Jeremiah Omendah

    Is there any gym in Migori or a place for physical fitness….we need some information on that 0725852191

  7. Helloh, I am a business writer and I would wish to write for Migori News, Can I get chance?

  8. Dear Sir / Madam,

    Kindly advise on the rate for placement of Free Standing Insert on your online platform

    Full Page Placement.

  9. zablon mogesi

    Hello, I wish to be sending stories pertaining migori county
    contact 0704924910.

  10. isaiah maresi

    ?hello am looking for an attachment can find one where i can be attached?am specialising in sociology

  11. thanks guys for good work

  12. Migori is a good county with lots of potential and good resources.I love the county.

    For internet connectivity get in touch with Me on 0725774759-Allan


  14. silvester meremo

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  15. What does the Migori 2015 ASK Show Advert still doing on the cover page above?
    Do you mean you don’t see this??????????????

  16. am James , a Kenyatta university student, taking bachelor of economics and finance, currently a 3rd year. can i get an attachment opportunity under the department of economics and planning. i com from migori county. my contact; 0704900070

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  20. Could you please send me your price list and offers?

  21. agent need for an incalf cow. if u have one pliz contact me
    john, 0726600978

  22. Message: At Computer Doctors Limited we sell and install
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    My names are Verael Achieng Ousa. I am a Kenyan female aged 21. I am a 2019 BA graduate in International relations from KeMU University in Nairobi Kenya. I excelled with Second Class Honours Upper Division. My course entailed studying Human rights, International Law, Advocacy, political science, peace and conflict resolutions, International law, Environmental studies and HIV & Aids as the core subjects. I also hold Diploma Level A2 in French Certificate from Alliance Francaise in Nairobi to supplement my ability to in future work with the International Human Rights Organizations.

    The main reason why I chose the career is as a result of witnessing the abused girl-child, youth, women, the elderly within the minority groups and those affected and infected by HIV and Aids scour age in different societies in Africa due to lack of advocacy platform. I would also like to bring to your attention that though I am Kenyan, I grew up in Botswana and Mozambique but schooled in Botswana from my Primary School to High school, so I have experience in studying anywhere outside my country and acquainting with people coming from different countries and cultures. And despite of my poor family financial background, I still have a dream to pursue Master’s degree course to practice International women rights advocacy as a platform to assist the affected groups to know their rights.
    I participated in Peer approach to counselling Teens course and seminars during my school days while in lower primary and Senior Secondary School Levels organized by Hope Worldwide Organization in Botswana.
    In the final year of undergraduate studies, I undertook a project about the impact of Alshabaab operations in Kenya ‘Named The Impact of Al Shabaab Activities in Kenya’. Working on an historical enquiry into the causes of warfare in Africa has been particularly exciting to study, and I am coming to the conclusion that for most countries, the underlying cause of war is usually protecting or furthering individual economic interests; an example being South Africa, who joined the DRC War to protect their trade links with itself.
    This consisted of rigorous research and planning for over a six month period in order to produce an essay relating my findings. The project involved research thinking skills, as it required me to come to the final judgement on the impact of escalating Bombings in Kenya, whilst also considering the effects of international relations, particularly between the Kenya Government Peace and stability Policies on Somalia Government and the aggression of Somalia Islamic Fundamentalists groups operating both in Kenya and Somalia.
    In my research work, i greatly focused on the economic consequences, such as the impact unemployment amongst the youth within different age groups. Surprisingly, I found that employment amongst the youth had fallen, which is what I had initially expected to find and may have been the main course of young people being lured to join Islamic fundamentalist groups operating from Somalia and within Kenya.

    Thank you very much for considering my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yours faith fully
    Verael Achieng Ousa

  24. Hello,

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  25. Hi,

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