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PAINFUL VIDEO: UK Boris Johnson meets Omar Bong in Downing Street

By MN Reporter It looks for painful as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands calmly as he waits for Omar Bongo, the Gabon president to labour down the the alley…

(VIDEO) CREATIVE: Man uses wire to create 7-In-1 home use furniture

By MN Reporter A creative man has taken internet with storm after creating a wire furniture that can have up to seven different uses. In a video on social media…

1 in 5 Covid 19 deaths fueled by diabetes in Africa- WHO

By MN Reporter The World Health Organization (WHO) finds that 18.3% of COVID-19 deaths in the African region are among people with diabetes. This accounts to one in every five…

Breaking News: Biden floors Trump to win US presidency, thanks voters amid Supreme Court

By MN Reporter, Congratulations to Joseph R. Biden Jr. for winning the highly contested US election to be the 46th President. The former Barrack Obama deputy at 77 is the…

(PHOTOS) A 62 years old granny marries her 24 years old boyfriend in a colourful wedding

By MN Reporter, A couple with a huge age difference broke the internet after sharing photos of their wonderful wedding. A 62-year-old woman married her 24-year-old boyfriend in a colorful…

TANZANIA: A Kuria floors a Luo in Rorya MP race amid interest from senior Kenyan politicians

By MN Reporter Migori residents and senior politicians keenly following the Tanzania elections on October 29 were pained when their preferred candidate lost in an MP race. As the news…

(PHOTOS) Crocodile fights, kills and eats a huge snake

By MN Reporter Photos of a salt water crocodile feeding on a huge snake. Photos taken from Northern Territory, Australia.Courtesy: Jecinta Barbour

(PHOTOS) Village where children play with wild crocodiles

In Bazoul, BukinabFaso crocodiles are docile to a point where children play with them and villagers pat them. The wild animals are considered holy and villagers feed them chicken.?/