Asiga’s resignation political, those who cheer him eye the Majority Leader seat- Boaz

Migori speaker Boaz Okoth (L) and Masaba MCA Abedi Maroa at Karamu area in Kuria West on Tuesday after clashes between Luo-Kuria before going for recess

By MN Reporter

Migori speaker Boaz Okoth has termed the resignation of majority leader Roland Asiga as political and ill advised.

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Okoth said Asiga, the Wasimbete MCA resignation on Wednesday was not sincere, but said “as an adult and of sound mind it was his right to make his decision.”

“I am yet to officially receive his resignation, but you know sometimes you can be made to make decision like a group of men walking in a bar,” Boaz said.

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He was speaking on Thursday at Migori county stadium during the launch of county government bursary allocation.

Boaz said that claims by Asiga that the assembly board was not meeting and decision made by himself as a chairman was in bad faith.

“The last board meeting on December 20 was chaired by Asiga, he has also chaired the last four meetings and as a person and majority leader he is aware of all board activities including finances,” Boaz said.

Boaz attacked that Asiga “of having personal issues” after he was de-whipped by the ODM party for not remitting party contribution “a letter which I have and I have been covering for him.”

“I am only seeing politics in this, as we are in political time the only thing read on this is politics,” Boaz said.

Asiga replaced Ragana-Oruba MCA Mallan Ogega who was impeached.

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Kevince Oyugi Keke, Chief Whip Majority party and South Kamagambo MCA said Asiga’s resignation was personal and it will not affect any procedure in the house or shake the status quo.

“We will move along to fill the position, power hates a vacuum,” Keke said.

The two said any member who have claims for oversight should do so in the floor of the house.