(VIDEO) Kuria community to skip FGM this year, we will continue with activities- Micontrap Kenya

Benter Ombwayo, the Vice President of Pan-African Women’s Association (Pawa) presents learning material to Esther Mokami (R) and Pauline Lavender at Komotobo Mission Center

By MN Reporter

Micontrap-Kenya, a community change agent has vowed to continue fighting against female circumcision in Kuria community despite the community skipping the rite this year.

Micontrap-Kenya coordinator Benter Ombwayo said the community will skip the vice since number seven brings bad luck and omen in the community.

“This year the Kuria community in Migori county and parts of neighbouring Tanzania will not perform circumcision,” Ombwayo said.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: Kuria community to skip FGM this year

She said in previous years the Kuria’s four clans of Abairege, Abanyabasi, Abagumbe and Abakira start preparations for the rite.

“Despite the community skipping female genital mutilation this year, we will continue with activities,” Ombwayo told Migori News.

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George Alambo, an officer with the organisation said they are afraid next year they will have double the number of initiates.

“We know that this lull will lead to double effort to cut against FGM next year as more girls will be initiated,” Alambo said.

They were speaking on Wednesday when they were sensitizing residents at a health club at Rosabare Primary School in Kuria West to help mitigate against the vice.

The organisation has established 90 similar clubs in both public and private schools in Kuria East and Kuria West sub-counties.

On Thursday the organisation met with over 150 elders, opinion leaders and activists met at Masaba center for a similar function.

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The two officials said activists will “increase having meeting with change agents especially children in health clubs we have established in several primary schools, this is a chance to boost it through.”