(VIDEO) 73 year old woman, at least 10 shot in Migori anti IEBC protests

Benson Ombima at Migori Level four hospital.

By MN Reporter
Over ten people on Friday sustained severe gunshot wounds as residents demonstrated against Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission in Migori town.

Among them was a 73 year old woman who was leaving town after receiving treatment at Ombo Mission hospital.

Priscah Anyango was rushed back to Ombo hospital after she sustained a gunshot wound on the right shoulder.

Another man Bonface Ombima, a bodaboda rider, said he was on his way to deliver lunch to a school pupil when he felt a sharp pain on his right leg.

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“I thought I had been hit by a stone and proceed with my ride but few seconds into the ride, I felt blood soaking my socks. That is when I realised I have been shot,” Ombima said.

Anti-IEBC demonstrators in Migori town with a coffin for IEBC CEO Ezra Chilobai on Friday before the funeral exercise

He was rushed to Migori county referral hospital with a bullet lodged in his right leg.

By the time we were publishing this story, three more casualties had been referred to Migori County level 4 hospital.

One demonstrator seen by MN had sustained three bullets wounds during the Friday afternoon demonstrations.

“They shot me once then I fell down then another police officer shot me again twice, asking why I was not running away,” he said.

A number of those interviewed said they were going about their activities away from the demonstrations when they were shot.

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Earlier on, demonstrators led by Suna West Member of Parliament, Peter Masara, marched through Migori town to the County IEBC headquarters carrying placards and singing anti IEBC slogans.

Masara said he will next week lead County demonstrators in demonstrations that will cover the whole week.

The police however shot severally in the air and lobbed teargas at the demonstrator and dispersed them.