(VIDEO) Anti-IEBC demonstrators bury dead dog called Matiangi, Chiloba in two coffins

Anti-IEBC demonstrators in Migori town with a coffin for IEBC CEO Ezra Chilobai on Friday before the funeral exercise

By MN Reporter

Friday anti-IEBC demo demonstrators in Migori town killed a stray dog they called Interior CS Fred Matiang’I in bloody day which saw at least 10 people shot by anti-riot police.

The demonstrators also had two coffins with remains of Matiang’i and IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba and Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: ANTI IEBC Demo: 2 cofffins, stray dog symbolizing MATIANG’I and CHILOBA burried in Migori.

The dog was killed as it followed wailing demonstrators looking forward to a feast.

The public placed the dog on top of the coffins at Migori IEBC offices and performed a funeral service as anti-riot police officers looked on.

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They signed condolence book, prayed for peace and cursed the two officials before being addressed by Suna West MP Peter Masara.

“Today Chiloba and Matiang’i are ghosts since according to the Luo culture if you are buried and your funeral organised while you are still alive then you remain a ghost,” Masara said.

He vowed to lead daily anti-IEBC demonstrations as from next Monday insisting they will only called them off when NASA leader Raila Odinga says so.

Chaos broke out at Posta Grounds when demonstrators tried to ‘bury’ the two coffins by burning them.