With Obado’s impeachment dead, 7 MCAs will ignore ODM’s show cause letter over assembly chaos

Part of the seven MCAs from left: Alex Akugo (Central Kanyamkago), Leo Ogwada (God Jope), Willis Gor (Got Kachola), Brian Osodo (Kachieng) and Thomas Akungo (Kaler)

By MN Reporter

Seven Migori MCAs are likely to ignore the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ”show cause” letters over chaos that rocked the assembly.

The seven have been blamed over the chaos witnessed when the party was to table Governor Okoth Obado’s impeachment motion, which has since stalled.

The letter was written by the office of the National Chairman John Mbadi, and wanted the MCAs explain why they went integrity rules in Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, the party constitution and code of conduct.

“By this letter, you are given notice to show cause in writing within seven days why disciplinary action should not be taken against you,” says Mr Mbadi’s letter.

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They are: Brian Osodo (Kachieng Ward), John Oyugi (Got-Kachola Ward), Leonard Ogwada (God-Jope Ward), Nestroy Otieno (West-Sakwa Ward), Jaoko Akugo (Central Kanyamkago Ward), Thomas Akungo (Kaler Ward) and Peter Mijungu (West Kanyamkago Ward).

ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna said the seven will face disciplinary measures over the scuffle that saw nominated MCA Mary Ogodo’s arm broken.

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The seven were charged in court over chaos that marred the assembly on ‘on September 23.

But one of the MCA said they will ignore the letter.

“The matter is already still in court and we are yet to be found guilty, the party which caused the chaos by bringing a non-existence motion should give us a break,” the MCA said.

He said when Raila Odinga visited the county recently he observed that Migori was divided and promised a handshake, and the party moved to withdraw the motion against Obado.

“They were after Obado, if they notice he was bigger than them ODM should not look for little men to harass. The party decided to withdraw the motion. They should not follow it with these letters,” he said.

The MCA said ODM, being lazy and confused, did not bother to investigate on their own but relied on media to pick their names.