Nyatike bursary forms freely availed online, distributed to boost transparency

Tom Odege

By MN Reporter

Nyatike constituency residents will for  the first time freely access bursary forms online.

Already NG-CDF workers across all seven wards in the most expansive constituency in the county are receiving forms which will start to be collected on November 12.

The forms for University and College students and Secondary Schools can be easily downloaded on www.ngcdf.go.ke website under the Nyatike constituency tab.

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“We have provided the links, messages to all residents and above all we have shared the forms on social media to increase accountability,” Williams Owigo, a communication staff at MP Tom Odege office said.

In several WhatsApp groups the soft copy of the forms have been readily availed.

According to a timetable given by the CDF office, the last date for issuing the bursary will be on January 15.

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“We will issue new forms for form one students after KCPE results are released,” Owigo told Migori News.

The move has open up a transparent process after Odege in his campaign pledges promised to avail bursaries to all students.