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OPINION: Making Nyatike Constituency Great Again

Pogo Nyatike into Nyatike South and Nyatike North biro kelo ber mathoth moloyo.

Meet Migori man who eats lizards, frogs and other reptiles

By TIMOTHY MBAYA Thomas Adembo, a resident of Ogongo in Nyatike, Migori County has shocked residents with his insatiable appetite for reptiles Watch Video here:

Nyatike bursary forms freely availed online, distributed to boost transparency

By MN Reporter Nyatike constituency residents will for  the first time freely access bursary forms online. Already NG-CDF workers across all seven wards in the most expansive constituency in the…

Sori Boys student who burnt dorm escapes, Odege wants him arrested

By Jesse Sikali Nyatike MP Tom Odege has called on police to increase a manhunt for Sori Boys High School who escaped after leading dormitory arson on Thursday. The legislator…

(VIDEO) Kenya won’t be sold to China over debt- Masara, Odege on 8% fuel VAT

By MN Reporter Two Migori county legislators said the chaotic scenes that greeted the passing of 8 per cent fuel levy will help stop Kenya from being sold off to…

(VIDEO) Those who voted for Jubilee should give MPs a break over fuel tax vote- Odege

By MN Reporter Nyatike MP Tom Odege has said it is absurd that voters who brought Jubilee government to power are also complaining over parliament passing of 8 per cent…

NYATIKE: Nyatuoro Primary community built toilets after county, CDF ignored them

By MN Reporter Residents around Nyatuoro Primary School in Nyatike sub-County have resorted to build toilets to prevent the institution from being closed over lack of the crucial amenities. Already…

Odege issues ultimatum to illegal miners to vacate Nyatike

By MN Reporter Nyatike MP Tom Odege has asked all illegal miners in his constituency to vacate for peace to be restored in the area. This followed complains from the…