Kuria East constituency won’t be scrapped, we have 30,000 more people- Kitayama, Ghati and Robi

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama, nominated MP Dennitah Ghati and former MCA Rahab Robi

By MN Reporter

Three Kuria East constituency leaders have said it will not be scrapped off for having few people after the just released national census, two legislators have said.

Area MP Marwa Kitayama, his nominated counterpart Dennitah Ghati and former nominated MCA Rahab Robi said the region has enough number to reach the required threshold.

They spoke to Migori News after the funeral of Bishop Robert Mahiri father of Lillian Mahiri a member of Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority on Friday.

In the just released census, Kuria East has a population of 96,872 people to be the least populous out of eight constituencies in Migori county in the just released national census.

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“We believe there is a problem with the data, we are sure that the constituency in Kuria East will remain intact,” Kitayama said.

He said Kuria East constituency has five wards; Ntimaru East, Ntimaru West, Nyabasi East, Nyabasi ghati West and Gokeharaka/Gitambwega wards.

Ghati said while politically the constituency has five wards, the last one Gokeharaka/Gitambwega was heaved off from nearby Kuria West constituency.

“While politically we have the last ward, administratively it was counted in Kuria West constituency that is why we had low population in Kuria East. We have close to 30,000 people to add,” Ghati said.

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Rahab Robi, former nominated MCA who vied and lost the Kuria East constituency in last polls said any attempt by scrap off the constituency will be met by resistance.

The three vowed to thwart any attempt to change boundaries in Kuria saying it will marginalise the community more.