CENSUS: IEBC to scrap off Kuria East constituency before 2022 for having few people

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama

By MN Reporter

The Kuria East constituency represented by Marwa Kitayama is among 40 likely to be scrapped before the 2022 general elections for having very few people.

In the government released population census, Kuria East as a constituency has a bleak future for failure to meet the population quota.

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According to the new population quota calculated by dividing the total national population of 47.6 million people by the 290 constituencies, each constituency should have at least 164,137 people.

Kuria East has a population of 96,872 people to be the least populous in Migori county.

The Constitution provides that the number of inhabitants of a constituency or ward may be greater or lesser than the population quota by a margin of not more than 40 per cent for cities and sparsely populated areas and 30 per cent for other areas.

This means that with the population quota at 164,137, the lowest populated constituency would be allowed to have at least 114,889 while the highest populated will have 213,378 people.

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Wafula Chebukati-led Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission will hold a boundaries review before 2022 according to article 89 of the Constitution which states a review of the names and boundaries of constituencies at intervals of not less than eight, and not more than 12 years.

The last review was done in 2009 but the government has not set budgetary allocations in this financial year for the exercise.  Therefore, the earliest a review can be done is the next financial year.

Full list of affected constituencies will be:

  • Lamu East (22,258)
  • Mwatate (81,659)
  • Kuria East (96,872)
  • Budalangi (85,977)
  • Mt Elgon (78,873)
  • Laikipia North(36,184).
  • Tiaty (73,424)
  • Keiyo North (99,176)
  • Marakwet East (97,041)
  • Samburu North (67,391)
  • Samburu East (77,994)
  • Pokot South (80,661)
  • Turkana North (65,218)
  • Loima (107,795)
  • Kangema(80,447)
  • Tetu (80,453)
  • Mathioya (92,814)
  • Mkurwe-in (89,137)
  • Kang’undo (97,917)
  • Mwingi East (85,139)
  • Eldas (88,509)
  • Lafey (83,457)
  • Kathiani (111,890)