Kitayama declares Nyatike to produce next governor, dumps Awendo’s Ayacko?

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama, senator Ochillo Ayacko and Nyatike MP Tom Odege

By MN Reporter

Kuria East Marwa Kitayama has declared the next Migori governor should come from expansive Nyatike constituency.

Kitayama said Nyatike, like Kuria area which often produce a deputy governor candidate, has been marginalised for long and share the same problems.

“Nyatike should get the top seat because with the expansive nature, hi population we should cane Migori leadership together, “Kitayama said.

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He said both Nyatike and Kuria are marginalised and when both “work closely with each other, we will make it. “

He called on Nyatike MP Tom Odege ensure the pact sails trough and Migori governor Okoth Obado is replaced by a candidate from Nyatike in 2022.

They were speaking on Friday during a tour of roads projects in Migori county at Otho center in Nyatike.

Odege did not directly reply on the matter.

Bot two legislators have been the biggest critics of governor Obado in public recently and have warmed up to senator Ochillo Ayacko who also seeks to replace Obado.

Ayacko is from Awendo, the second least populous constituency in Migori after Kuria East.

According to census results Kuria West constituency is te most populous constituency (but may loses about 30,000 people in a ward in Kuria East) followed by Nyatike.

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Nyatike has following candidates who have declared interest for the governor seat: women representative Pamela Odhiambo from Kolal-Kadem, speaker Boaz Okoth from Kanyuor-Kadem, former Migori MP John Pesa from Karungu, former Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga from Kolal-Kadem, Owiso Ngao from Karungu, Mark Ogutu from Kanyarwabda- Kadem among others.

Campaigns for 2022 have started to gear up with meetings organised to create teams for campaigns.