I made Boaz, Obado with my resources in 2013 when they had nothing and they can’t unseat me- Odege

Nyatike MP Tom Odege addressing locals at Osiri Junction

By MN Reporter

Nyatike MP Tom Odege has called out Migori governor Okoth Obado to face him out directly instead of using speaker Boaz Okoth as his attack dog, insisting he made the two leaders politically.

In an interview the legislator reacted to remarks that Boaz in Sori on Tuesday that he would unseat him for antagonising Obado.

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“What I want to tell Boaz and those with him in Sori that the political league I play on is not worth me replying to him directly, I will tackle Obado directly and not him,” Odege said.

He added: “It is Nyatike people who will vote for me and they know what I have done for them.”

He said Boaz was an ‘attack dog’ sent by the owner, and “the owner should tell them what they plan to do for citizens of Nyatike and not talk in public when drunk.”

 “I am above being able to be removed from power by Boaz, because I am who made him an MCA and Obado a governor in 2013 with my resources when they had nothing, now after collecting a few things here and there they should not think of unseating me,” he said.

“Obado should face me alone and avoid sending people to attack me instead of saying what they have done and plan to do for Nyatike people,” he said.

He said since Boaz has declared being governor, “he should ask me of my vote as a voter and those who support me, and I don’t think I will offer my support to people who insult me.”