AYACKO: I haven’t talked with Obado over #Migori2022 senator, governor swap deal, but Tsunami is coming

WATCH THE EYE LEVEL: The Ochillo Ayacko (L) and Governor Okoth Obado (R) handshake as ODM leader Raila Odinga (C) looks on

By MN Reporter

Migori senator Ochillo Ayacko has denied the existence of speculation of a swap deal with governor Okoth Obado in #Migori2022 political debate.

According to political grapevine, the ODM party leadership was out to have Obado vie as senator when his term ends and Ayacko join under the governor ticket.

“Speculation is good, there is no such deal, but it is good to know the mind of people. But it is not proper for two people to sit and talk of 2022 in exclusion of people from Migori,” Ayacko said.

Migori News was the first outlet to break out what was just a bar stool talk among political pundits and aspirants, with Ayacko saying he read about it on social media.

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The speculation has been gaining traction with other aspirants for governor, senate and woman representative seats going back to drawing boards, including two close allies of Obado who seek senate seat in 2022.

 “I also read it on social media, but we have not done so. I have not held many talks with Obado, but the few times we did was basically to offer better services to electorates,” Ayacko said.

He was on Ramogi Baraza, the morning talk show by Radio Ramogi.

But Ayacko said his dream for being the next Migori governor was alive, and said “those who push the talk speculation are afraid of a political tsunami my candidature will do to them.”

“As the current senator and having ran for the seat before, I am at the door just waiting for Obado to stand from the seat which I will take over, now from where will others defeat me,” Ayacko said.