OPEN LETTER TO MIGORI LEADERS: River Migori catchment source already grabbed

A section of River Migori

A section of River Migori

13400958_1025835310843781_637206206_nDear Leaders, SEEING TOMORROW TODAY.

Every life has a source, every drop of water is life. Trees are the breathing points of all sources of water (life).

This evident from the creation time with garden of Eden being the catchment of all the four major world rivers such as Tigris and Euphrates. All the major Rivers feeding Lake Victoria emanates from the Mau catchment and the North Rift highlands.

Eight years ago, during the grand coalition the war to reclaim Mau forest was launched. This created a rift in the then political Kenya. The point was NOT the eviction of certain communal group but the restoration of life in the Mau and the lower Lake region.

This war would have been worn on table had we the likes of the fallen Heroine Noble Prize winner Wangari Maathai.

River Maghor

River Maghor

Today river Maghor as known among the Maasai community living in Lolgorian and Kilgoris Divisions and River Migori as known by the Kuria, Luhya, Luo and Abasuba of Migori county is under threat.

A well-known jubilee heavyweight politician is reported to be acquiring a 100 ha of land in the River Maghor’s catchment. Currently the residents of these lands are being registered for eviction plan.

The politician is said to be making preparation for another Sugar Milling Industry in the area. This means that the forest will be cleared for farming/ planting of sugarcane. What is not clear is whether this will be a state property or the politician is acting under “private developer’s” clause. Clearing this catchment area will literally kill the life along River Maghor/Migori.

The seasonal rainfall enjoyed by the farmers in Migori, Kisii and Narok(Trans Mara) counties will remain a dream.

The existing sugar mills will also see a natural extinction as a competitor is being introduced before reforming the dying sugar industry sector.

Without rainfall we will be experiencing drought and food shortages. This will create a string of biting hunger and other nutritional diseases. In short this a timed bomb to us and the next generation.

Recommendations Institute an irrigation plan for dry parts of the vast Kuria and Nyatike regions and use the reclaimed land to expand agricultural production.

Borrow a leaf from Israel and Egypt. Preserve the catchment for the respect of life today and tomorrow.
Regards Calvince Uhuru

Concerned Voter
Calvince Uhuru,

Cc D/Governor
MPs: Awendo, Uriri, Rongo, Suna East, Suna West, Nyatike, Kuria East and Kuria West
Migori County MP
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CDA Agriculture Committee,
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