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Activists in Kuria shine spotlight on woman-to-woman Nyumba Mboke Marriages affecting single mothers

By Jared Nyangira, Migori County In the Kuria community, the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) persists, particularly affecting young girls from the age of 10 onwards. Unfortunately, if these…

(VIDEO) MIGORI Surgeons Conduct First Successful Nephrectomy Tumor Growth Surgery On Kidney

By MN Reporter Many patients from the rural parts of Kenya seek medical care from many national hospitals like Kenyatta hospital for them to be healed and get well treated….

COMPLETE: Here Are Top 10 Migori County Leaders In 2023: A Teacher tops 3 politicians and a journalist

By Wuon Kalam We are excited to compile top ten Migori county leaders who shaped 2023 and left an impact on lives and our image, not only nationally but internationally….

ANALYSIS: With Nyamita flirting with governor seat, Ndar throws hat in crowded Uriri MP race

By MN Reporter The Uriri constituency seat in the forthcoming  general elections has attracted several politicians as the incumbent Mark Nyamita has strongly flirting with the governor seat. Among the…

(VIDEO) Nyumba Mboke the Kuria community women-to-women marriage fuelling Gender Based Violence

By MN Reporter Among the Kuria community in Migori county, women can be married to women in a tradition called Nyumba Mboke. Most often single mothers who have failed to…

(VIDEO) Why I Cut Down 10 Acres Of Eucalyptus For Pineapple, More Profitable

By MN Reporter After over three decades as a farmer in Mabera, Migori county John Magaiwa, 68, decied to cut down ten acres of eucalyptus trees to set up pineapple…

Is Migori police’s public image poor after one killed and another hurt?

By MN Reporter On April 3, John Boino, the OCS at Kehancha Police Station was hurt by a mob only a day after an administration police officer was hacked to…

(VIDEO) Why We Stick With Tobacco Despite Negative Campaign, Challenges- Farmers

SUBSCRIBE By MN Reporter Tobacco farmers have said they will continue to plant the crop despite negative campaigns and sin tax against it. Farmers from Migori county in Kenya said…