KAJIMBA: Lobbying and the desired governance in Migori: will Ochilo stick to his principles?

The writer and Suna West MP candidate in concluded polls Philip Kajimba and governor Ochillo Ayacko

Like in any other county, lobbying is at its all-time high in Migori for various lucrative positions.

Millionaires who channelled their resources to the right camp are in another round of tussle to foil each other in gripping target seats before facing the final one—politically protecting their earned spaces in public service.

Governor Ochilo like any other individual has to choose between his long-time devotees who’ve put on table their finances, intellectual wherewithal from 2016 vis-a-vis the many synthetic patrons who— ahead of the ODM Party’s nominations— decamped from initial teams upon glimpsing right signals from ODM on his candidature.

Worthy to note was the support flowing from an unexpected end— a team of county bosses loyal to the former governor- who gathered millions and were spending it in support of the incoming county chief.

In doing so, their agenda was to ensure the fraud exercised by the former administration is protected post-2022 and their modus operandi maintained.

Little known to them is the verity that an individual ought to endorse a politician not because he is scheming for an appointment or protecting his position but rather because he believes in his policies, character, and ability to deliver.

While campaigning, Ochilo incessantly assured the electorates that once in power, his main agenda will be to combat corruption- evil blamed for the poor healthcare system, dry taps in town and zero industries to spur growth in the county of Migori.

Interesting enough, these cartels are now using guerrilla tactics to capture this new regime ki-ninja style, a civilian coup d’état kind of!

It is an open secret those who’ve been at the helm of the county for ten years and with the results here with us cannot do things differently; they must not be anywhere close to the decision-making table, not unless the new regime is prepared to follow the footsteps of the failure in-chief, Obado. 

Close allies to the governor should let him know that voters are expecting nothing less than a workforce driven by the desire to serve and not county executives, technocrats led by their quest to make money. 

Let the new team be selected based on proof of competence, possessing the necessary skills for their positions of interest, the right attitude for public service and a record of honour from previous professional engagements, otherwise the people will eject them from those offices fearlessly, with no apology, for the county government is our last hope as a people right now.

By Philip Kajimba (The writer comments on topical issues, is a communication and governance consultant)