(VIDEO) Migori Boda Boda Riders Vandalise Mogo, Watu Credit Offices Over Theft Of Bikes

By MN Reporter

Migori county boda boda riders invaded Mogo and Watu Credit offices and vandalised them over spike of theft of motorbikes in the area.

An official from one of the credit providers tried to reposes a motorbike in the middle of the town which sparked off the protest and vandalism.

Boda boda operators in anger ganged up and started beating up the officer accusing him of being on time to use trackers in repossessing motorbikes and not helping them and police arrest thugs which. have been killing them and stealing the bikes.

“This was the main concern by the riders who moved in and started attacking the official before their anger spread to attacking offices belonging to the two credit facilities,” Migori police boss Mark Wanjala said.

Wanjala said shops under two credit facilities were attacked and said they have launched investigations over the incident.

“The riders complained that despite motorbikes having trackers they are never utilized when their motorbikes are stolen, they may have genuine concerns but none have approached police,” Wanjala said.

He said it was unfortunate the shops were vandalized and called on the Migori county government and local leaders to ensure an impasse is reached.

“Complains of high interest rates and failure of understanding on how to reposes motorbikes triggered the attacks, but calm was restored,” Wanjala said.

David Ombori, the chairman at Onyalo stage said in the past cases of motorbikes being stolen and riders being killed have been high and they have  been shocked that only motorbikes on loans have been targeted.

“Those motorbikes about to finish their loans are the ones being targeted and it is sad that when we ask them to use their trackers to help us recover the bikes they refuse,” Ombori said.