(VIDEO) Migori court launches annex for meditation to clear case logs


By MN Reporter

The Migori high court on Wednesday launched an annex to clear backlog through meditation and settling minor disagreements.

The annex will target succession and land cases which take longer time to conclude.

Justice Oscar Angote, the presiding Judge in the Environment and Lands court at Milimani Law Courts said they are looking forward to having more litigants referring their cases for mediation so that they can finalize matters in less than 50 days.

“The success rate has been very high across the country,” Justice Angote said.

He said the judiciary will promote alternative justice system, as many cases can be dealt by through way of mediation as most people moving to court are related or have known each other for a long time and they could easily resolve their cases if they involved the mediators.

“Once the mediator deals with a case it is referred back to the court for adoption of the agreement,” he said.

The judge said they expect succession cases and land disputes can be dealt with by way of mediation.