(VIDEO) Anyanga fails to take plea, released on Sh1million bond over shooting incident


By MN Reporter

Former Nyatike Member of Parliament Edick Omondi Anyanga failed to take plea over a gun drama after he was arraigned in Migori Law court.

During the last Saturday fracas at Lwanda Konyango center, one person was shot and injured. He was 35-year-old Justus Ochieng.

Appearing before senior principal Magistrate Justice Johnston Munguti, Anyanga through his Lawyers, did not plead to any of the accounts of allegations after state counsel asked for two weeks to finalise investigations.

His plea date has been carried forward to August 25, 2022, after being released on a Cash bail Sh300,000.

Police on Saturday recovered a pistol SIG SAUVER 2022 serial number SP2022 and a magazine of 12 live ammunition calibre 9mm at his home.

Anyanga on his part alleged that he shot the victim as he defended himself against a gang on the night of the shooting.