Swedish gold firm’s new anti-cancer causing mercury machine at Osiri, Nyatike

Gold miners at the Macalder mines in Nyatike in Migori County, where cases of children working in violation of the labour laws is the order of the day. [Photo: Malachi Motano)

By MN Reporter

Gold mining in Osiri matanda Gold mines in Migori County got a boost after private investors from Sweden got them a sigh of relief after getting modern machines to help them in Gold mining and replace the use of mercury.

The World Gold Link Company a Swedish firm Country manager Joseph Chege said that the main purpose of the modern machines in the mines is to eradicate mercury in Kenya that affects the health of the miners.

“The main purpose of the machines being in the mines is to make sure that all the Gold mines in the region are rid off mercury that is known to affect the health of many Gold miners especially women working in the mines who sift through the water and dust to help them get the gold using mercury deposits, ”he said.

The company’s gold miner Rulph Guildstrom said that the machine will also help to ease the work of gold miners in the mining holes as it will make work easy for them to extract gold.

“The process will make the work of the miners much easy in the mines in the mining holes to ease the extraction of gold in the rich gold deposits, “he said.

He said that the machines will make the women gold miners get the gold they usually get in the holes using mercury to get the gold that consumes a lot of time and energy.

The coordinator of the Osiri Matanda gold miners Eunice Atieno said that the miners will get an easy time to get the gold in the mines and also make them much easier to sift in the deposits to get the best minerals.