I am not broke and selling water, Obado Tano Tena singer and Gospel artist Kaka Talanta says

Obado Tano Tena hit maker and gospel artist Kaka Talanta

By MN Reporter

Obado Tano Tena hit maker and gospel artist Kaka Talanta has come out strong to defend himself against rumours that he is broke.

Speaking to Migori News in Migori town, Talanta said he is doing well and was not selling water in Migori town to fend for himself and his family.

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The gospel artist said people had misconstrued the fact the he was acting in a gospel video for his new song Waoneshe Upendo he had released.

Gospel artist Kaka Talanta

Talanta said he was working hard in various hustles to fend for himself but selling water on a bicycle was not one of the hustles and that the clip doing rounds was from his gospel video.

He also clarified that he was in good terms with Migori Governor Okoth Obado and that the governor had not abandoned him.

The gospel artist said there are people who are fighting day and night to drive a wage between him and Governor Obado.

“Governor has done a lot for me and has been of great help even in my musical career. There are people fighting to bring disagreement between me and the governor,” Talanta said.

Kaka Talanta

The artist said he had forgiven all his enemies and he was going into prayer and fasting so that they have a change of heart.

“I love Christ and because Christ forgave us, so will I do to those who think tarnishing my name will earn them a living. Am working hard and am not supplying anything like water anywhere… hio ni upuzi mkubwa.”