Financial Officer, MD Mikutra Water, Director of Tourism, County Physical Planner, 12 Accountants and 20 Drivers jobs with Migori County Goverment

County Government of Migori

Office of the County Public Service Board
Migori County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions as per the Constitution of Kenya 2010 under Article 176 and the County Government Act No. 17 of 2012 section 45.

1. Chief Finance Officer
One (1) Post
Ref No: MCPSB/ 58/2014

The Chief Finance Officer will be the head the County Treasury and will be responsible to the Chief Officer, Finance and Economic Planning for efficient management of financial resources of the Migori County

Duties and Responsibilities

• Coordinating the budget formulation, preparation, execution, accounting and reporting to the Chief Officer, Finance and Economic Planning;
• Ensuring appropriate and adequate Financial Management Information Systems are in place;
• Monitoring, evaluating and overseeing the management of finances and of the County Government;
• Assisting County Government public entities in developing their capacity for efficient, and transparent financial management;
• Providing advice to County Government on the best appropriate financial reporting formats;
• Developing guidelines for County accounting staff and training to ensure technical competence;
• Oversee the implementation of the approved accounting standards, policies and concepts to ensure compliance.

Requirements for Appointment
• Be a Kenyan citizen;
• Be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Commerce or Accounting from university recognized in Kenya;
• Be a holder of CPA(K);
• Be registered with Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya(ICPAK);
• Have at least five (5) years post qualification experience at managerial level;
• Satisfy the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

Terms of Service: Permanent/Contract

2. Managing Director
One (1) Post
Ref No. MCPSB /59/2014

Mikutra Water and Sanitation Company is a Water Service Provider owned by the County Government of Migori and operating within Migori County under a Service Provision Agreement with Lake Victoria South Water Services Board.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Managing Director will be responsible for overseeing the day to day management of operations as well as providing visionary leadership to the company

Duties and Responsibilities
• Providing a visionary leadership and direction to ensure the efficient management of staff and resources;
• Spearheading the formulation and implementation of best practice policies and procedures to enhance operational efficiency
• Fostering a corporate culture that promotes high customer service standards, ethical practices and good corporate citizenship
• Continuously reviewing the business strategy and recommending appropriate changes in line with the changing business environment.
• Overseeing the preparation of the business plans, operating budgets and management reports to facilitate decision making by the Board
• Developing and ensuring good relationship with the relevant stakeholders and institutions.
• Guiding the Board and Management team in implementing the provisions in the New Constitution of Kenya 2010 and Water Act 2002.
• Must be willing to work under a Performance Contract.

Requirements for Appointment
• Degree in Civil Engineering, Water Engineering, Commerce, Economics or any other relevant degree from a recognize University.
• Five (5) years experience in the water sector in a management position, three of which must have been held in a senior position.
• Should be computer literate and a person of high integrity.
• Demonstrate leadership abilities with excellent interpersonal communication skills.
• Must be results oriented and self driven.
• Must Satisfy the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Terms of Service: Contract

3. Director of Tourism
One (1) Post
Ref No. MCPSB/60/2014
Duties and Responsibilities

The Director of Tourism will be responsible to the Chief Officer, Trade and Regulations for:-
• Operations and Administration of tourism;
• Development and management of projects and programmes in the tourism department;
• Coordination of implementation of policies and plans;
• Promotion of public Private Partnership;
• Formulating and implementing tourism development policies on information and communication technology;
• Promotion of tourism within Migori County,
• Carrying out tourism education, awareness and training;
• Enforcement of compliance with the tourism legislation in Migori County;
• Monitoring performance on growth and development of the Tourism sector within Migori County;
• Offering advisory and extension services to the tourism sector;
• Liaise with stakeholders to promote tourism and wildlife conservations;
• Develop e- tourism platforms, including websites, and constructing business databases;
• Develop funding proposals;
• Coordinate local tourism in Migori County;

Requirements for Appointments
• Be a Kenyan citizen
• Be a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism or related field from a recognized University;
• Good communication and interpersonal skills;
• Be creative and innovative;
• Proficiency in computer applications;
• Understanding of Devolution, the county development Objectives and Vision 2030
• Have a knowledge, experience and distinguished career of not less than five (5) years in Tourism
• Satisfy the requirements of Chapter six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Terms of Service: Permanent/Contract

4. County Physical Planner
One (1) Post
Ref No. MCPSB /61/2014
Duties and Responsibilities
• Implementing Physical Planning Act (CAP. 286) and Urban Areas and Cities Act Number 13 of 2011;
• Providing advice to the Government of Migori County on physical planning matters;
• Formulating regional and local physical development policies, guidelines and strategies;
• Certifying all physical development plans and building plans, change of users, extension of users, extension of leases, subdivision schemes and recommending Environmental Impact Assessments;
• Providing guidelines for regulating use of land;
• Ensuring proper physical planning practice in urban and rural areas;
• Initiating research and innovation on urbanization strategies and policies and any other matter arising out of planning activities;
• Being the secretary of the Physical Planning Liaison Committee;
• Planning and managing physical planning projects/ programmes at the county in collaboration with National Land Commission and County Government;
• Collaborating and partnering with local, regional and international stakeholders;
• Developing, implementing and realizing strategic plans and objectives;
• Preparing annual state of physical planning in the county reports;
• Preparing and implementing the performance targets, work plans and contract;
• Overseeing planning and budgeting for department and mobilization of resources;

Requirement for Appointment
• Be a Kenyan citizen
• Be in a possession of a bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Urban and Regional Planning; Urban planning or Town Planning from a university recognized in Kenya;
• Have experience of 5 years and above in Physical Planning;
• Be a cooperate member of Kenya Institute of Planners (KIP) or Architectural Association of Kenya (Town Planning Chapter);
• Be registered by the Physical Planners Registration Board;
• Have a certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution;
• Demonstrate managerial and professional competence in work performance and understanding of national policies, goals, objectives and ability to relate them to Physical Planning function;
• Satisfy the requirements of Chapter six of the constitution of Kenya 2010.

Terms of Service: Permanent/Contract

5. Accountants
Twelve (12) Posts
Ref No. MCPSB/62/2014
Duties and Responsibilities
• Implementing accounting standards and systems’
• Follow up on implementation of audit recommendations, Compile county Treasury Memorandum;
• Consolidation of cash flow projections by county departments;
• Maintain the asset register;
• Efficient organization, control and coordination of Accounting unit, interpretation of financial policies, budgeting controls, management accounting methods and financial returns specifically, the provision of financial information for decision making;
• Developing for consideration by the County Treasury, draft accounting policies, procedures, regulations and standards for operation and control purposes;
• Application of budgeted funds for operations and control purposes;
• Sourcing and collection of funds for augmenting expenditure;

Requirements for Appointment
• Be a Kenyan citizen;
• Be a holder of a relevant Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university recognized in Kenya
• Be a holder of CPA (K);
• Demonstrable experience in a public institution in managing the accounting functions;
• Have at least two (2) years post qualification experience, in a busy commercial or public financial institution;
• Satisfy the requirement of chapter six of the Kenya constitution.

Terms of Service: Permanent/Contract

6. Drivers
Twenty (20) Posts
Ref No. MCPSB /63/2014

Duties and Responsibilities
• Driving a motor vehicle as authorized
• Ensuring Safety of passengers and brakes/or goods therein;
• Maintenance of work tickets for vehicles assigned;
• Carrying out routine checks on the vehicles cooling oil, electrical, and brake systems, tyre pressures etc;
• Ensuring security and safety of the vehicles on and off the road.

Requirements for Appointment
• Be a Kenyan Citizen
• Be a holder of at least Certificate of Primary Education( CPE) or Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE);
• Driving experience of not less than five(5) years;
• A valid driving license free from any current endorsement(s) and valid for any of the classes of vehicles which the officer is required to drive;
• Defensive driving license from Automobile Association(AA) of Kenya or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution
• Suitability Test Certificate from Ministry of Public Works;
• Demonstrated outstanding professional competence and integrity in work performance and results;
• A valid certificate of Good Conduct from the Criminal Investigate Department (CID).

Terms of Service: Permanent/Contract

How to Apply:

1. All applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the top left side indicating the reference number for position applied for and submitted to:

The Chairman
Migori County Public Service Board
P.O Box 365- 40400

2. Hand delivered applications should be dropped at the offices of the County Public Service Board located at Msomi Teachers’ College

3. All applications should reach the Chairman County Public Service Board not later than Friday 30th May, 2014.

4. Shortlisted candidates will be required to produce their original identity cards, academic and professional certificates and testimonials

6. For candidates to meet the requirements of chapter six of the Constitution of Kenya, applicants must obtain the following clearance:
• Tax compliance certificate from KRA
• Clearance certificate from HELB
• Clearance certificate from Ethics and Anticorruption Commission (EACC)
• Certificate of good conduct from criminal investigation department

Note: People with Disability, Marginalized Groups and Women are encouraged to apply.