BOHOKO: We Dream Of Well Lit, Clean Towns Under New Kehancha Municipality

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By MN Reporter

Newly elected Kehancha Municipality Chairman Matiko Bohoko says he will ensure the towns within the Kehancha municipality are clean and well light.

“ The community sees in this municipality creation of jobs for their sons and daughters, well light streets and garbage less markets”

Bohoko who spoke during the inauguration of the new municipal board presided by governor Dr. Ochillo Ayacko opined that re-establishing of Kehancha Municipality was renewal of hope to the Kuria people.

Kehancha municipality existed between 1993 and 2013 when municipalities were collapsed by the 2010 constitution.

“ Indeed it has been ten years of crying, yelling, name calling and finger pointing as the community struggled to get back what rightfully belonged to them.

Once again, on my own behalf, say, thank you very  much for looking beyond “small time” politics which usually  characterises the period before, during and after elections.

Your wit and clarity in political skill and judgement has undoubtedly stunned the jury out there, thenceforth becoming the talk of the town and its environs.  Pessimists and prophets of doom are now left with tongues wagging about what, could have befallen the good governor to appoint, (Matiko Bohoko), “the general, the turbo and the chief minister “ in the opponents camp, to head  the  Kehancha municipality board”.

He praised Dr. Ochillo whom he described as a great and pragmatic leader and whose action should be emulated by the posterity.

“ Allow me once again to say, from deep down my heart that you are a great and pragmatic leader whose exemplary gesture will be emulated by budding political generations of today, tomorrow and in future .

You have proved to every one, particularly those who suffer from  perceptional miasma/fits that you can do the unbelievable when it comes to your  style of  leadership, legacy and more so embracing your citizenry”

The circumstances under which that municipality was established in 1993 were similar to what has culminated into todays event. There had been complaints of marginalisation and discrimination in matters development. A similar scenario had preceded this shrewd decision to pull out Umukuria from the cacophony of lamentations. You have bravely handed it back to community.

The bold step to reinstate the Kehancha municipality in less than a year of being in power has not only brought hope onto the people of Kuria but also rejuvenated their hearts and minds.

In this municipality, the community see creation of jobs for their sons and daughters, they see garbageless  streets and good motorable roads for transporting their merchandise, they see morden and usable markets for their nyanyas, vitunguu na maembe.

They see well light streets and market centres, clean piped drinking water flowing into their homes.

The youths see development of  beautiful stadias, libraries, cultural and ICT centres to nurture their talents as well as properly cured gardens and lawns where they can while their days away with loved ones.

This and many other prescribed  responsibilities bestowed unto myself and the board are what has appetizingly excited, the Umukuria beyond fathomable levels.

Bohoko felt that with proper financial empowerment from the county government,  Kehancha municipality would be  a model municipality within and without the county.

“ We will look upon your good government to empowering  us sufficiently enough to do what appertains to our work.

We will seek to cultivate goodwill and  cooperation with all available development partners including those in the national government , local and  international donors for the good of the municipality and her people”

He urged the governor to order for secondment of officers to the municipality to jumpstart  operations. .

“  I wish to request you, on behalf of the board and people of Kuria that critical officers of the county government i.e. an accountant, a procurement officer, an engineer, a Quantity surveyor, an architect, Human Resource Officer (HR), a planner, and programm officer be seconded to our new municipality so that we can embark on delivering services to the community without delay”.

On tools of work, Bohoko had this to say “, Umukuria is confidently looking forward to your administration to facilitating the Kehancha Municipality with tools of trade, such as;  graders, excavator, backhoe, tractors, tippers, and motor vehicles without which our service delivery mandate would be Impugned.

 Such were the equipment,  that were  synonymous with the defunct Municipal council of Kehancha which everyone within and without Kuria reminisces with nostalgia”.