Migori 7; The Music Group From Isebania Taking Country Entertainment Scene by Storm

By MN Reporter

The M7, or Migori 7s led by Peter Orang aka Ptody (In a red T-shirt) the music group is based in Isebania town

Musician and producer Ptody of the M7 music group finishes a meeting with a group dancers for an upcoming video shootout at his studio around Sunshine Springs Academy in Isebania town bordering Tanzania, he ushers us in.

Ptody, real name Peter Orang’ said they started the Migori Seven band which has four active singers; Hashim Mpole, Dudikof and Rumie to play all kinds of music genres as solos or collabo to put the county on the national and international map.

“After finishing high school I chose to actualize my dream as an artist where I worked in several studios in Nairobi, Mwanza and in Migori and stints with several musicians before i settled in Isebania and thought of placing Migori on the music map when names in cities like Mombasa, Kisumu and Nairobi are called,” Ptody said.

In Nairobi, the musician said he worked with Naiboi at his Nattyfox Studios which was later named Pacho Entertainment before moving to Mwanza in Tanzania where he horned his skills further at Vunja Records under producer Dazzy.

“While I learnt my skills from softwares in computers, I perfected my art at Vunja Records which got better with over a decade in the music industry,” he said.

In Migori, he had a short stint at Fountain Records by Collo.

“We had musicians who were forced to travel to Nairobi to record their songs, the hustle and time was hard. I chose to give them an alternative option where I started Sky Life Studios which is owned by my company Sky Keep Limited,” he said.

It was at the studio where we found and carried out this interview.

“Despite challenges of getting live events and running a band, we always hire equipment to do our music and have live events in gigs and functions,” he said.

The group performing live when producing their song Kazi ni Kazi.

“My biggest dream is to have a media house which will mop up into a radio; Sky Life FM and above all my dream is to place Migori in the entertainment map nationally and across the globe by doing quality music,” he said.

He said he has worked with musicians like Dogo Richi of Mombasa, Baraka the Prince and Rose Muhando, Kaka Talanta, Lavender Obuya among others.

He also produces choir and gospel songs.