(VIDEO) Sony saves Sh355m in court cases by revamping legal team- MD Otieno

Sony Sugar MD Benard Otieno

By MN Reporter

The South Nyanza Sugar Company has saved tax payers Sh355.2million by revamping the legal department and sealing loopholes.

In a special interview with Migori News, Sony MD Bernard Otieno said the amount was saved by cases which were withdrawn by plaintiffs and advocates for fear of facing criminal charges.

He said the company resorted to have public administrators and farmers in meetings to help resolve the matter.


“Through the meeting we have unearth fraud where people who died over a decade ago, resurrected and sued the company. Other plaintiffs never knew they had cases and ended up in witness stand against us,” Otieno said.

He said the fraud was caused by liaising of fraudsters and the legal department to defraud Kenyan tax payers’ money,

Otieno said the company still has 4,269 pending cases in courts with pending claims that may see the miller loss Sh2.2billion in claims.

“The legal team is working around the clock to ensure the cases are dealt with as some farmers find it easier to continue working with us instead of through court cases,” he said.

He said the company paid Sh370.1million for 1,567 concluded cases while 467 cases were altogether dismissed by courts after completion.