Migori schools to be issued title deeds to avert grabbing

Ministry of Land, National Government in collaboration with the newly instituted Migori County Land Management Board has embarked on the registration and issuance of school title deed as was directed by President Uhuru
Kenyatta to stop the ballooning cases of schools
land row.

Speaking to Migori News in Migori, Edward Bosire the Director of National Land in Migori County said that they are on the verge of completing the registration and issuance of title deed to ten schools in the county in their
ongoing registration process which started last week.

Mr. Bosire said that the registration process has been meeting a lot of hurdles from the donors of the lands in which most of these schools are established saying that their descendants have been demanding for compensation before issuing title deeds to the schools.

He however maintained that they are not going to compensate these donors who willing donated these pieces of saying that those schools bear the legal ownership of those lands by the virtue of being on those lands for a period of 10 year and above.

Bosire said that the law guarantees an individual the ownership of the land in cases the person or institution has existed in the land for 10 years and above and therefore the ministry of land will use the same provision to issue title deeds to these schools without consulting the adamant land donors.

He also directed all schools to fence their schools to avoid unnecessary land encroachment by land grabbers.

He said cases of land grabbing exhibited in Kenya has been contributed by the laxity of the institutions and individual to fence their piece of land.

Bosire said that his office is working close with the county Lands Management Board to clear pending cases of land row in the county in the soonest time possible.