Seventh Day pastors pray for leaders to preach peace in Kenya

By MN Reporter

The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church pastors offered prayers asking God to guide prominent leaders to preach peace and unity.

Church leaders said they will give direction of adopting issues requiring citizens to avoid wrangles over top positions and amass wealth fraudulently.

Led by Ranen Conference President Pastor Bering Ngore, the clerics expressed satisfaction over handshake between two great leaders, President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leaders Raila Odinga solving tension in the nation.

They praised President Uhuru and ODM leader for shelving personal interests, political differences to have at heart interest of the entire nation.

Pastor Ngore said the Almighty God guided the two leaders to reconcile and walk together addressing issues that have been causing tension every election circle.

Pastor Ngore preached legacy citing quotes from the bible in the books of Psalms,Proverbs and Isaiah saying the Almighty will guide the two great leaders to leave legacy liking them to the late Nelson Mandela of south Africa who fought apartheid to bring sanity in that nation.

Pastor Ngore also decribed Raila as leaders who has fought for democracy for long and God will guide them to leave legacy, himself and President Uhuru.

The two having realized peace and unity is paramount resolved to preach unity to reconcile the entire nation and those opposed to their decision should drop their ambition and put interest of the entire nation at heart.

The nation is enjoying peace and unity that politicians should embrace for stability and economic prosperity