Rongo pastor: polio vaccine paralysed me

By MN Reporter

A pastor from Rongo shocked many participants at a health stakeholders meeting when he claimed he was paralysed after being given a polio vaccine many years ago.

Pastor Pius Achillah of Trumpet of God in The Wilderness Ministries insisted his paralysis condition was caused by the vaccine many years ago.

He further claimed his new born baby developed similar complications to him after being vaccinated against the deadly virus.

But medics from Rongo district hospital told the clergy off insisting the drive that has just kicked off in Migori was safe.

Judith Ochola, the county health promotions officer said polio vaccines are safe and there was no cause for alarm.
She said Achillah as a religious leader and opinion leader in the society was misleading many people.

“He can greatly mislead and pose a grave danger to the society and at the same time thwart the government’s effort in the fight against polio,” she said.

Rongo public health officer, Stanley Aranda warned the clergy sentiments showed deep seated traditional doctrines and beliefs which have become a major setback in the health sector.

Two years ago a clergy had refused to take his children in Rongo where a single national case of the deadly disease was identified setting off national vaccines.

Aranda said ignorance and convention religious doctrines should be put aside in order to save the lives of children under the age of five by being given polio vaccine and Vitamin A supplements.