Raila calls on teachers to be paid

Cord leader Raila Odinga and Uriri MP John Kobado

Cord leader Raila Odinga and Uriri MP John Kobado

By Kennedy Okonmbo

CORD leader Raila Odinga has called upon the government to uphold the court ruling in the favour of the teachers pay.

The former prime minister has said that the rule of law must be respected and instead of the government rushing back to the court to appeal, they should negotiate with the teachers on the implementation program.

“The government cannot drag this mater indefinitely because the teachers were justified on their demand therefore the government have to implement as the demand of the teachers,” said Raila.

Speaking to the press during the first anniversary of the late Mama Rosa Oyoo Ayuya, the former Prime Minister said that just recently before the budget, the government came up with supplementary budget of Ksh.193 billion which was approved to be spent in five days therefore the government should also act swiftly to deal with the issue of teachers.

“If the government should come up with a supplementary to be spent within five days, then why can’t the y come up with another supplementary to completely deal with the teachers pay,” posed Raila.

He continued, “I think there is somebody who is just playing games with teachers which is not accepted and it’s high time this should stop.”

On the issue of civil servants pay tax deductions, he said that it is a big mistake for the amendments to tax a gross pay rather than net pay hence the workers should be relieved on the illegal deductions.

“Gross pay have never been taxed anywhere in the world, it should be on the net pay and therefore am calling upon our members of parliament to come up immediately with amendment to ensure that the NHIF deductions is only pegged on net pay and not the gross pay of the civil servants,” he said.

The ODM Party leader also confirmed the party’s elections which is going to commence by the end of July covering seven counties.

“The ODM elections are going to be organized, free and fair where if there is any complains they can be addressed and possibly a repeat are conducted.

He said this time round the party have come up with a new structure where there is national party, county party, a branch party at the constituency level, another branch party at the ward level and finally a unit party at the polling stations.

“Those wild allegations people keep saying are actually baseless, ODM is the only party doing elections, who else does?” he posed.

He said that the ODM party has a clear ideologies and political policies with members who are committed to the principles of the party.