ODEGE: Migori is ready to host Raila, ODM on Saturday and Sunday

By MN Reporter

Nyatike MP Tom Odege has said Migori county was ready to host opposition leader Raila Odinga and the ODM brigade.

Raila is expected in the county on Saturday and Sunday for a serious of events which include popularising the party and pushing a mass registration drive.

“We as ODM leaders in Migori we are set for Raila as our leader, we are on the ground to ensure we have a smooth event,” Odege told Migori News in Migori town.

He said fears that the event will be marred by violence was far fetched.

“There is fear that there are people set to disrupt the recruitment drive, Migori is in our hands and the Raila visit will be smooth,” he said.

He said in Nyatike all was set to host the ODM team at Macalder Youth Polytechnic from Saturday noon.

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“We have other parties like UDA which has been paying to register members, we want to tell them they have been on a fools errand as Migori is our zone,” he said.