Now Luo Council of Elders throws its weight behind Kidero

KideroBy MN reporter

Luo Council of Elders has thrown its weight behind Nairobi Governor Dr. Evance Kidero in his effort to help develop Nyanza region and accused Members of Parliament opposing the Governor of being ‘enemies of development’.

Speaking in Rongo, the elders, who were led by their chairman Riaga Ogallo said efforts by the Nairobi Governor should be supported and not criticised if the region was to develop.

“We support anybody, including Kidero who is ready to come here and

help us in development,” Riaga said adding that anybody fighting Kidero just for the sake of it was doing a ‘disservice’ to the members of the region.

Saying the region has been lagging behind for too long, Riaga said recent attempts of helping develop the county through organising of fundraisers was the way to go and should be backed up by everybody who meant well for the region.

At the same time, the elders hit out at certain leaders from central Nyanza for what they said ‘lack of respect’ for the residents of South Nyanza and maintained that Central Nyanza must also be ready to show that it can support their brothers from the South.

“It is unfortunate that while South has been supporting leaders from central for over five decades, they have shown that they are not ready to support us,” Riaga said adding that it was time leaders from central accepted that South Nyanza was also able to produce national leaders.

He was supported by Clement Margut from Suba, also a member of the council who said that while there was no disunity among the members of the region, there was need for respect if the unity was to continue.

“We do not want to see Kidero being attacked because of carrying out the harambees in South Nyanza,” he said adding that leaders have to learn that the time for politics was over and now was time for development.

At the same time, the elders dismissed recent attempts to remove Riaga from the chairmanship of the council saying the constitution was very clear on how and when the chairman could be removed from the position.

“The chairman can only leave his seat when he dies, resigns or do something against the interest of the community, something Riaga has not done,” Margut said adding that even then, there is a process of doing it provided for by the constitution.