Migori residents send food to relatives locked in Nairobi, Mombasa under Covid 19

View of the capital city, Nairobi under lock down

By MN Reporter

Locals in Migori county are now sending food stuffs to relatives in Nairobi and Mombasa towns following cessation of movements.

A spot check by Migori News within Migori town revealed that majority of foodstuffs sent in bulk to Nairobi includes Maize, millet, Avocado and fresh water sardines popularly known as Omena.

Reidents are using couriers services offered by buses which plied those routes.

Frederick Onyango, a clerk at Guardian Coach booking office in Migori town, cessation of movement in and out of the two cities had resulted to an acute food shortage pushing relatives in remote areas to come to their rescue.

“We are passing through a tough economic time, we also offer discount on packages as some are bulky like maize that if we follow the set weight it will be costly,” Onyango said.

Samuel Owuor Awiti, a manager with Guardian Coach maintained that most clients were sending foodstuffs to relative after receiving outcries of biting hunger due to cessation of movements.

He said the partial lockdown has greatly affected a huge population of low income earners in towns adding that some of them have equally lost jobs and this has compounded their agony.