(Migori News TV) Climate change scare as Lake Victoria water rise at Migingo Island, millions lost

Migingo Island

By MN Reporter

Migingo Island residents in Lake Victoria as feeling first-hand the effect of climate change as water levels rose, threatening to submerge the disputed island.

Already the less than 2,000 square meter island disputed between Kenya and Uganda and can pack up to 1,000 people will get more pressure as it sins further.

“We have been having water levels rise in the current long rains, but recently the levels just rose so much,” Ouma Okello, a fisherman told Migori News.


Okello said several boats, catch, the BMU office, the only toilet serving residents and water tank with drinking water, cold room storage and several boats were destroyed.

“We were shocked on Saturday night when water levels suddenly rose, several people are now affected,” Okello said.

Leonard Sita, a Tanzania fisherman said they need help to get back the toilet and water treatment tanks.

“We lost over millions in the new high water levels, as most goods, boats and our only cold room wept into open waters,” he said.