Maraga did well, new CJ should be firm against executive- Advocate Kisera

By MN Reporter

Migori county lawyers have lauded outgoing Chief Justice David Maraga for his tenure ahead of him retiring on January next year.

Omonde Kisera The area Law Society of Kenya emeritus chair said the Chief Justice office should have someone who should not be manipulated.

“We need the holder to be firm and not afraid of executive wing since strictly speaking this is a leader of an important arm of government,” KIsera told Migori News.

He said Maraga tenure was well and took the Judiciary to a new level after picking from Chief Justice Willy Mutunga and said as lawyers they expect a smooth transition a new head who will not bend towards the executive.

“We expect a smooth transition and have someone who is beyond reproach since the role of judiciary is not undermined,” Kasera said.

He said the decision by Supreme Court to annul the last presidential election and politicians attacking Maraga affected his tenure and is tied to current over a year stalemate by President Uhuru Kenyatta refusal to swear in judges.

 “The revisit statement has ended up affecting Kenyans because we have over judges who ahev not been sworn in affecting service delivery,” he said.

Chief Justice David Maraga has said his legacy and tenure at as the head of Judiciary will be charged by Kenyans.

Maraga said Kenyan and others are best placed to judge his time ahead of January 2021 when he is expected to attain 70 years ahead of retirement.

“My assessment is that as judiciary we have done our best, other who will come in will do their bit,” he said.