Isebania residents demand NHIF CEO Gathege accredit BNM Hospital offering specialised services

By MN Reporter

Isebania town residents have called on the National Health Insurance Fund CEO Peter Gathege to move with speed and help a private hospital in the border with Tanzania gets accredited.

Led by Tobias Range, the former Kehancha mayor, residents have questioned why NHIF have taken over a year to accredit Bwana Ni Mwema (BNM) hospital whose services are above par including a fully equipped ambulance.

“This hospital has been serving Kenyans and Tanzanians, helping us from travelling for longer distance for specialised services which is as far as Eldoret and Kisumu,” Range said.

He said with NHIF clearance, the facility cant also offer Linda Mama insurance as it has a theater and two working doctors has a potential to tackle mother and child mortality rates in rural area like Kuria.

Paul Magete, a resident said with NHIF services residents cant afford or get services for specialised services like 3 ultra-sound, Xray and electrocardiogram (ECG).

“Without the insurer, i was forced to take my parents to Tenwek Hospital in Bomet as we were forced to pay Sh30,000 for the treatment which is expensive, but at the long run we still pay more for transport and to stay in the hospital,” he said.

A spot check by the Star in Awendo and Rongo town, which are served by two private hospitals Rapcom Medical Center and Royal Hospital respectively showed that mothers have found such facilities to be better placed n offering maternal health.

Caleb Marwa an alumni of Momokoro Academy in Isebania town said he thought of giving back to the society by starting the hospital about a year ago to quickly expand by having a fully equipped ambulance with a bed capacity of over 50 bed capacity from five wards: ale, female, maternity, pediatric and theater patients.

“We have seen the number of patients drastically reduce because of delays of issuing of NHIF, I cant understand why because we have two doctors at the facility including me and we have equipped this hospital like a referral point,” he said.

The hospital had an initial of 12 other staff including five nurses, two clinical officers and two lab technicians which has reduced because of the predicament.

“I came to my home town to offer services, it is sad that this dream is at cross road,” he said.

When contacted, Migori county NHIF Quality Assurance officer a Mr. Vincent said the delays was experienced across the nationa and urged residents to be patient as the matter will be resolved.