Fewer Migorians go to hospitals over Covid 19 fears, Afya Halisi’s stakeholders meeting to reverse trend

The casualty ward in Migori Health Center

By MN Reporter

Migori residents are shying away from seeking medical help from hospitals for fear of being tested for Covid 19.

James Oguk, the Health Promotion Officer at the Ministry of Health in Migori said they have recorded fewer people seeking services in hospitals ver since the virus was recorded in Kenya.

“We have those who are afraid that when they go to hospitals they will be detained, have mandatory test done,” Oguk said.

He said some residents are afraid that because of Covid 19, most hospitals have stopped other services to tackle the spread of the virus.

“Just this week we had fresh and new consignment of drugs, that means we are working fully and Migorians are encouraged to seek services,” Oguk said.

He said they are out to reverse the trend.

He was speaking at Grabo Hotel in Migori town during a stakeholders meeting organised by Afya Halisi prgrame that brought health officials, church leaders, administrators and opinion leaders.

“We have laid measures to encourage more hospital; visits while we still continue to fight Covid 19, no hospital in Migori, either private or public is closed,” he said.