Don’t insult Raila, those we sing about during death, sickness- Osogo Winyo, Elisha Toto

By MN Reporter

Two Luo musicians has said it was unfortunate that when any of them is dead or sick, ODM leader Raila Odinga and those they hero-worship in songs get insulted.

John Okinyi, commonly known as Osogo Winyo and Elisha Outa, commonly known as Elisha Toto, said it was unfortunate for the tirade which they termed as shallow and misplaced.

This follows the death of queen of Ohangla Lady Maureen.

“When we sing about Raila or somebody else, it marks building of friendship and most often we never get direct monetary fund from them,” Winyo said.

Toto, said what most Kenyans don’t know is that by hero worshiping politician musicians also end up shoring up their profile.

“These politician supporters will automatically become your fan, it also open more doors in rallies and shows,” Toto said.

The two said such songs also get airplay in radios and shows.

Toto and Winyo said they have formed associations to help musicians invest in their future through welfare instead of relying for help in politicians when times are tough.

They said music is like a business, and musicians should invest their proceedings to help smoothen their life in hard times.