Confusion, delays mar Migori county Sh146m bursary as Siaya, Homa Bay disburse theirs

The launch of the bursary application process on January 22 amid pressure over delays of the process

By MN Reporter

Delays and confusion have marred the issuing of Migori county bursary weeks after schools and institutions re-opened for this academic year.

The number of beneficiaries, amount to be released and criteria to be used remained a mystery as MCAs across 40 wards in the county said they had been under pressure from parents as Homa Bay and Siaya counties finalised theirs.

On Monday, Siaya governor James Orengo distributed bursary and scholarships worth Sh110.6m across 30 wards while in Homa Bay county, governor Gladys Wanga distributed bursary to 22,157 secondary, college and tertiary institutions on January 7 and full scholarships on January 12.

In a terse press conference Central Kanyamkago MCA Eunice Odii, North Kadem MCA Olima Bonyo and West Kanyamkago MCA Peter Mijungu as assembly they had budgeted for Sh146million for bursary this year.

“We budgeted for bursary, but Ayacko decided to by-pass MCAs and ward admins and instead place ghosts called coordinators to vet and verify applicants, but the process failed to start on time,” Odii said.

The three MCAs said they have been under pressure as leaders.

Olima said it was unfortunate that Ayacko has chosen to play politics with needy children.

“Days after schools were opened and academic year started Migori was yet to avail bursary forms or give directions, now students are in school without a clear road map for those who already joined,” Mijungu said.

But on January 22, Migori Education and Sports Executive Rahab Robi and County Director of Communication Bradley Oguda said the delays have been caused by lack of funds from the exchequer.

They also denied the figure of Sh146million saying only Ayacko will give the exact amount and number of beneficiaries and how much they will get on February 14 when the bursary will be released.

“Any information given otherwise is rumours, we will work on time to release the bursary with full details being dictated by the exchequer,” Oguda said.

The forms for application bursary will be picked from ward offices and online, and despite students already reporting to school, they are to be filled and taken back by January 29 only seven days.

“Incomplete applications will lead to automatic disqualification,” Robi said.