World Vision comes to aid of ECDE pupils learning under trees in Kuria East

ECDE pupils at Igena Itambe Primary School in Kuria East

ECDE pupils at Igena Itambe Primary School in Kuria East

By MN Reporter

The plight of ECDE pupils in Migori county still learning under trees without proper classrooms has seen an organisation coming for their aid.

The Early childhood education in Kuria East sub-county has received a major boost following construction of several classes by World Vision Kenya.

The organisation has come to aid of Migori county government by building 15 classes and modern toilets in 15 schools across the area.

The initiative is aimed at improving the learning standards of the pre-school children, most of who have been learning under trees and in makeshift classes.

World Vision program manager Tom Masinde said the project will cost a total of Sh24million which will also include training teachers and providing learning facilities in the classes.

“This initiative is targeting well over fifteen schools. In each school, we are building a modern class equipped with children’s learning and playing equipment and also ensuring the classes are connected to electricity.” said Masinde.

He was speaking while launching a classroom at Igena Itambe primary school where pupils were learning under a baobab tree.

The school was mong seven launched with the rest in the process of being finalized by July this year.
He added that the organization is partnering with Migori County government to train ECD teachers to be employed in these schools.

Speaking at the same event, Migori county director for Early Childhood Learning, Mr. Cyril Kegancha, said that the county government will employ 200 ECD teachers this year.