Wetangula should stop propaganda I was beaten at Luanda funeral- ODM MP

Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi

By MN Reporter

Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi has warned Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula from spreading rumour about chaos at a funeral in Luanda.

The ODM legislator dismissed reports doing rounds on social media that he was attacked by mourners during the burial of Luanda MP Chris Omulele’s mother, Sophia Monyo.

He said the rumours were spread by supporters of Wetangula to paint him and the ODM party as unpopular in western Kenya.

 “I have seen social media reports that I was beaten up and injured at the burial of Hon Omulele’s mother in Luanda by Ford Kenya supporters for telling off Wetang’ula. Let it be known to all that Luanda is an ODM zone and Ford K cowards have no say,” Atandi tweeted.

He said the rumours were from “Ford Kenya propagandists yelling on social media that I was beaten and injured? Who can beat me in Luanda an ODM zone?”

He said even though he arrived late at the funeral he was given a chance to address mourners and left, even though there was heckling outside the venue.

 “I met the handful youths at the gate while leaving the burial, they were murmuring as we walked past with my bodyguards, I don’t know why,” he said.