(VIDEO) Rosehill School Shines In Second #KCPE2023 Attempt, Lays CBC Foundation

By MN Reporter

Rosehill Academy has shone in the last Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in the country by showing a positive deviation.

The school’s director Rose Misori said the 2023 examination was the second attempt the school in Suna East sub-county took and they were impressed.

“We posted a positive deviation of 26 which was more than what we scored last time and this was also more than we have set our target,” Misori said.

The school set a target of 313 and our first candidate scored 358 which is positive.

“All our candidates this examination scored over 300 marks and we are sure and believe in them because they were not assisted or aided in anyway,” she said.

She said in their last attempt last year, their students have been performing well in secondary schools they joined including their top student who joined State House girls.

“As a school we started working on building foundation of students to be analytical and be able to compete favourably with others across the country or anywhere in the world,” she said.

“We are proud of our genuine results, our candidates are never assisted to get fake results and our parents are best placed in any institution from high school to colleges,” he said.

Madama Olga, a teacher said the good results have been posted after strong ties between teachers, students and parents.

“we are porudn are genuine results the candidate is not assisted, we are sure they will be posted in nay institution will do heir own,”

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