(VIDEO) IEBC fails to clear Okong’o ja Migori for governor race despite over eight hours attempt

Okong’o ja Migori (on phone) and his deputy Michael Owuonda at the IEBC, a video will shortly replace this image

By MN Reporter

Despite being holed at Migori Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission headquarters for over eight hours, Okong’o Ja Migori failed to be cleared for August 9 polls.

Robert Okong’o and his deputy Michael Owuonda arrived at the headquarter at about midday and until 9:30pm, over eight hours later he could not be cleared as independent candidates.

County RO officer Ben Moseti said they burned the midnight oil to clear the candidate to no avail.

“We were patient enough and we waited until 9:30pm when he failed to get cleared,” Moseti said.

The candidate failed to be cleared for failure to avail his original copies of national identification cards, academic papers and that he was not a registered voter.

“It is true the candidate (Robert Okongo) was not cleared for the governor race as he had several issues, we decided to burn the midnight oil to allow him correct them but he was unable by the deadline,” Moseti said.

Moseti said apart from original certificates, the candidate also failed to produce original EACC clearance form and had no proposer and signatories for his independent bid were not up to par.

Okong’o claimed the move was political and there are people hell bend to see that he does not reach the ballot.

He promised to move to tribunal.