(VIDEO) Migori 1st, 2nd First Ladies Gift Migori GK Prisoners Christmas gifts, donations

By MN Reporter

Inmates at the Migori GK Prison got a rare treat from Agnes Ochilo Ayacko, wife to governor Ochillo Ayacko during a visit led by Deputy governor’s wife Everline Mahiri. 

Mrs. Mahiri presented the Christmas goodies to the inmates with the message of hope. 

They both enjoyed meals and drinks and dances both gospel, forksongs and traditional dancing. 

Mrs. Mahiri said the choice to visit Migori prisoners was inspired by the fact that the inmates do not normally get a chance to celebrate during the festive season like other people.

She said they were not only there to share meals and gifts but also the word of God and spread love to those behind bars.

She said apart from ensuring that the inmates are reformed, they are also equipped with skills that they can use once they are out of prison.

She challenged members of the public to consider the needy who include the inmates even as they celebrate Christmas.

The officer in charge of the prison Hellen Owiti said the day was also meant to make the inmates feel appreciated by the society.

Joseph Mwalo, prison’s subcounty commander said their inmates enjoyed the day and it was a chance to make them feel appreciated even as they continue undergoing correction adding that they are committed to ensure that they are changed before they go back to the society.