Uriri residents demo over Oyani TTI, Nyamita promises completion within a year

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita on Monday when he confronted anti-riot police officers in Migori town during anti-IEBC demo

By MN Reporter

Uriri residents on Saturday demonstrated to force the government to speed up construction of Sh70million proposed Oyani Technical Training Institute delayed over bureaucracy.

Carrying twigs, residents marched to the 240 acres Oyani Dairy Farm owned by the national government demanding land be allocated for the new institute.

Area MP Mark Nyamita had hosted Livestock Production Principal Secretary Harry Kimtai and his Industrialisation counterpart Francis Owino during a public participation exercise.

Nyamita said Uriri NG-CDF kitty has set aside Sh10million to help start the college and government has issued Sh60million with issuing of the land being the main impediment.

“We have been waiting for years and the contractor is ready to start work, the only problem we have is issuing of land by government,” Nyamita said.

He said residents’ impatience is because Uriri was the only constituency in Migori out of eight without a Technical Training College.

He said once construction starts, they expect it to be completed within a year and first batch of 200 students from the constituency given special bursary from NG-CDF kitty.

Owino and Kimtai said they supported the new college and called on locals to avoid intimidating management of the farm as they plan to speed up the land allocation.