Uriri mpango-wa-kando commits suicide after lover goes back to husband

By MN Reporter

Grief gripped Piny Owacho village after a mpango-wa-kando committed suicide at his lover’s home after she went back to her husband, ending their affair.

Kennedy Otieno, 26, had eloped with a neighbour’s wife who is a year older for three months in Marsabit whey they spent his money with a promise of married, but  immediately they came back she went back to her husband.

According to the area chief Juliet Otieno the body of the deceased identified was found dangling at the neighbor’s compound by a pupil who was heading to the school at dawn.

“They had disappeared for three months, but when they came back the woman went back to the husband,” Otieno said.

The deceased had issued a suicide note complaining the woman left her after he had stopped a marriage proposal with his fiancée.