Rongo elderly laud Jubilee fund

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The elderly people from Rongo Sub-County have applauded the government initiative to consider the aged in the society in the program launched by the President to have them given a monthly remuneration for their upkeep.

Expressing their appreciation to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the centenarians led by Joash Otieno said for quite long no one has ever come to consider and provide for their needs as their age could not allow them to fend for themselves, a fact that has made life unbearable and cumbersome.

They said the society in general has never shown the level of kindness and gratitude as the President did.

The monthly pay has given them a lifeline as they will be able to plan and focus for their day today activities.

The Kanying’ombe sub-location assistant chief Joseph Kenyatta Maingo said the vulnerable group have for long time suffered due to high poverty index in the region.

The Old, orphans and disabled stared at poverty as none could come to their assistance.

He appreciated the President initiative saying the concerned group will now get something to feed on.

Assistant Chief Maingo said most of these people had been neglected and seen as beggars in the society and nobody cared of offering solution to their sufferings.

Some of these old people have naturally been left to take of orphans due to death of their parents due to HIV/ Aids pandemic in the area.

They said all leaders in the country should stop politicking and instead emulate the President who has demonstrated his kindness to the less fortunate in the Country.

Mr. Maingo appealed to prominent leaders from the area to come up with income generating and sustainable projects that will enhance food security, job creation and social welfare that will lead to socioeconomic empowerment for a healthy nation.