(PHOTOS) Nyatike youths, women support Jackiepol in her next political move

By MN Reporter

Nyatike youths and women have encouraged Kanyasa MCA Jackiepol Ongoro to move ahead for the Migori woman representative seat if she desires.

The group drawn from Kanyasa, Kachieng and North Kadem wards in Nyatike said Jackiepol should consider closely her quest to take the seat from the incumbent Pamela Odhiambo in 2022.

“We have seen on social media heat created by Jackiepol attempts to be the next woman representative, we lead assurances in having her backyard intact,” Otieno Achar, a youth leader said.

They were speaking during a youth and women empowering event by the county legislator from Nyakweri shopping center towards Kanyasa for the launch of Youth Group Empowerment and Women Groups.

Speaking to the groups, Jackiepol said youths received water pumps and boda boda shades donates to help boost their car wash ventures.

“We lobbied for the equipment from Migori county government and governor Okoth Obado with the tanks being installed in Lwanda, Kipingi, Wang’aya and Depe shopping centers to improve sanitation and availability of clean water to communities,” she said.

Jackiepol refused to directly comment if she will vie for the Woman Representative seat, but said she was keen on the matter after Pamela openly showed interest to be Migori next governor.